Thursday, February 14, 2008


People generally enjoy talking about music. Once you've exhausted conversation about, say, the price of gas and the weather, music is a natural place to turn.

I'm one of those people who, when it comes to music, a disclaimer might be appropriate: Don't get him started! Unless that's what you're into ...

I sometimes joke that in my father's opinion, "anything recorded after World War II is noise." There's certainly some truth to that. His preference is for the Big Band era of the '30s through the '40s. That style was popular when he was growing up and first becoming cognizant of music, and it stayed with him.

The same pretty much holds true for me, just 30 years or so down the road. I'm partial to music, particularly rock, from the decade or so that began with the Beatles' first sessions at Abbey Road to the first signs of disco music taking over the airwaves.

That's not to say anything recorded after that is "noise." Plenty of people are making music nowadays that I thoroughly enjoy. I doubt if you'll hear it on the radio, but it's out there.

I like to talk about music, but I also enjoy writing about it. And I frequently refer to what other people have written as guidance for seeking out new listening material.

So let's consider that a goal. If you have an interest in the heart of the Classic Rock era (although I'm not fully comfortable with that term), and want some information that might help you find something you might enjoy, I'll try to be of assistance.

If not ... well, you might find my stuff interesting, anyway. Or you can go back to watching "American Idol."


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